We offer behavioral treatment for children ages 12-17.

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In a perfect world, all children and adolescents would grow up worry-free, well-adjusted, and fully-equipped to pursue their passions and interests in ways that contribute to their family and community. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world—and so, some young people need help managing their behavioral health.

Often, it can take a child’s parents or other caregivers quite a bit of time before they realize that the young person needs more help than they themselves can provide. And even after the realization has begun to sink in, it may still take some time before they are ready to seek out help. After all, caregivers are used to the responsibilities inherent in caring for a child, and while it is sometimes difficult, generally speaking they are up for the challenge. It is only natural to feel some resistance to the idea that a child or adolescent may need more help than a devoted caregiver can provide.

But if you have a child or adolescent who struggles with behavioral health issues, you know these issues can present challenges that no parent or caregiver—no matter how devoted—can effectively address. In those cases, your child or adolescent may benefit from the kinds of treatment Highland Hospital is able to provide.

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What Are Inpatient Services?

The word “inpatient” simply means that the person being treated is in residence at the treatment facility. For example, if you stay overnight at the hospital, you are said to be an inpatient.

When it comes to behavioral health, some children and adolescents benefit from an inpatient environment. In some cases, this is because their behavior tends to put them at risk of harming themselves. In other cases, inpatient treatment can provide respite from a difficult home environment.

The safety of the young person is the number one priority of inpatient care—and Highland Hospital provides exceptional evidence-based and compassionate care in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our highly trained and experienced professionals are adept at providing a wide array of services to children and adolescents. As a result, our inpatient programs are effective in helping young people make important changes that can lead to better outcomes in a variety of settings in the present—and in the future.

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If have a child or adolescent who struggles with behavioral health problems, Highland Hospital can help. There is no need to try to overcome the challenges of behavioral health issues on your own. Instead, both you and your loved one will be better served by seeking professional help dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.


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