Highland Hospital offers alcohol and drug addiction detox services.

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A person who is battling a substance use disorder may find themselves trapped between two terrible options.

On the one hand, as they continue to misuse drugs or alcohol, the toll on their physical and mental health intensifies. Depending on the substance involved, the results of continued use can be devastating and permanent. Meanwhile, the rest of the person’s life is likely also crumbling, as work or school become impossible to focus on, relationships fall apart, and financial issues related to drug use arise. All of those things are bad enough, but it is important to remember that in the very worst cases, misuse of drugs can lead to death. It happens far too often.

On the other hand, quitting is no walk in the park. In many cases, a person’s body and brain have become used to—even dependent on—a continuous supply of drugs or alcohol. Any effort to quit, especially suddenly, can lead to withdrawal symptoms that can be extremely dangerous. At the very least, withdrawal generally involves intense cravings for the drug in question—cravings that are all but impossible to resist. And here’s one way withdrawal and continued use are the same: In the very worst cases, an effort to give up a drug can lead to death.

Those are two terrible choices: ongoing misuse of drugs or alcohol, or devastating withdrawal symptoms. For someone stuck in the cycle, it may seem as though there is no way to break free.

But there is. And Highland Hospital can help.

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Detoxification Can Help You Break Free from Drug Use

While addiction is a disease and there is no cure, the fact of the matter is that you can escape the trap of being caught between continued use and withdrawal. Detoxification (commonly known simply as “detox”) is the process of getting the substances out of your system while carefully managing your withdrawal symptoms.

At Highland Hospital, we offer a seven-day detox program that is medically supervised. The program offers a safe environment in which you can stop using drugs and/or alcohol. While in detox, you won’t have access to the substance or substances you have been misusing. You also won’t be left to struggle through withdrawal on your own.

When the situation calls for it, we can also provide medication-assisted treatment to help manage the symptoms of withdrawal. Medication-assisted treatment has been shown to increase the likelihood that a person will successfully complete the detox process and get the additional support they need.

That support often includes counseling. Highland Hospital offers robust counseling services that can help shore up your mental health and your resolve to maintain your hard won sobriety. Good mental health and long term sobriety are intertwined, so supporting both is extremely important. Through counseling we can connect you to other programs and resources that are designed to help those with substance use disorders navigate recovery with confidence.

The First Step Is Often the Hardest

A person caught in the trap we have described may still find themselves resistant to getting help. Maybe they are embarrassed. Maybe their drug use has made it extremely difficult for them to think clearly about what they need to do to improve their situation. Maybe they are mired in despair.

At Highland Hospital, we understand these challenges. We are also committed to helping individuals overcome them so that they can get the help they so desperately need. Our trained staff is ready to help you find the program or programs that will best address your needs, and they will do so with expertise and compassion. You can rest assured that we are always here to help—and never here to judge.

Make a Life-Changing Call to Highland Hospital

Detox is the way out of a terrible trap. Highland Hospital can help you reclaim your sobriety and start building a life free from substance abuse. Take the first step by giving our professional staff a call at (800) 250-3806.


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