What Is PTSD?

Trauma has been reduced to little more than a buzzword used to describe any unpleasant experience. In reality, trauma is an event that surpasses the ability of a person to cope with it and leaves them feeling a sense of terror and helplessness. What Is PTSD? Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a specific clinical [...]

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Ecotherapy for Mental Health

Modern medicine is a blessing to many. The various treatments that can be provided in clinical settings have saved countless lives. Ecotherapy is a holistic approach to wellness that is fully compatible with modern medicine and can complement any treatment plan. The Benefits Ecotherapy, also known as green therapy or nature therapy, is the integration [...]

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May: Mental Health Month

Struggling with mental illness can feel very lonely and isolating. It sometimes feels like no one else shares the experience. This is one reason why, since 1949, May has been observed as Mental Health Month. It is important for those who struggle with their mental health to know that they are not alone. Events Have [...]

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Eat Right to Support Your Mental Health and Recovery

What We Eat Matters We all know the old saying: “You are what you eat.” Truthfully, if we thought about that too hard and too literally, we’d probably be pretty alarmed by the images. Am I really a bag of corn chips, a jar of salsa, and nearly a gallon of soda? Eek. As scary [...]

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Anxiety Disorder Basics

It’s probably safe to say that most people associate anxiety with negative feelings and outcomes. While it can be a driving force in helping us to make deadlines, achieve goals, and do important things carefully, anxiety can also become problematic, interfering in our ability to function or impeding our happiness. Approximately 19 percent of American [...]

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Managing Bipolar Disorder and Alcohol or Drug Addiction

About Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder is a complex diagnosis that makes it difficult to recognize and treat. To complicate matters further, people with bipolar disorder tend to experience higher rates of alcohol and drug abuse. Someone suffering from bipolar disorder and alcohol or drug addiction requires treatment that addresses both issues at once. Despite the complications of [...]

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